Positive Affirmations

Negative talk is easy, natural and [sometimes] uncontrollable. Stay focused on silencing this voice and replacing it with a positive affirmation… An affirmation is any statement or sentence that should be spoken or internalized daily in the mirror. For example, “You are successful. You are happy. I love you.”

Can’t do it alone? There are unlimited resources online to connect with others for guided meditation. Personally, I like to listen to YouTube Videos while falling asleep. They allow me to expand my self love and grow in my own skin.

Remember, if you are doing the same thing as yesterday you’re wasting valuable time! It is definitely time to do something NEW, DIFFERENT and FUN. Empower yourself today and choose the road to self enlightenment. Everyone has their own reason… write yours down as soon as possible. Use your conscious to choose happy, positive and bright thoughts.

WARNING, this may be difficult to accomplish. Change can be gut-wrenching but don’t let it ruin your career. Take control of your subconscious with your consciousness. I am happy. I am powerful. I am successful!

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